Track the movements of your end-point Android devices through Mobionizer. For front-liners and employees who work in remote locations, real-time device location tracking can help to improve management and security. Don’t let your enterprise assets out of your sight. Be the eagle to have an eye on them.


Enjoy the Geolocation:

Location Setting: Set the location tracker interval to get the end-point device location alerts. To avoid any discrepancy, enforce the "Force GPS On" and enable location tracking silently.

Location Search: Want to search for a specific device or a specific group of devices? Just find them in one click and see the –

  • Current location
  • Current Latitude, Current Longitude
  • Map view with pin-point device location
  • Get a detailed report

Geo-Fencing: It refers to the virtual boundaries of physical locations. Set geo-fences to enhance device tracking and optimize your resources. Create a radius of operations, monitor when the devices move in or out, and pluck up the incompetence of the front-liners on the field.

  • Get notifications of breached geo fences.
  • Automate alerts when the device moves in or out of the geo-fence.