Kiosk Lockdown Management

Lockdown Android Devices Management with
Mobionizer Kiosk Mode Lockdown and
Prevent Unauthorized Access

Mobionizer Kiosk Lockdown Software can track and control employee-owned Android tablets, tablet-based interactive kiosks,
mobile point of sale (mPOS), and digital signage.

Android Devices in Kiosk Mode for lockdown (Single & Multi App Mode

You can control which apps are enabled or disabled on the devices by locking them down and putting them in kiosk mode with the Mobionizer Android Kiosk Software.

- Lock Tablet to Multi App Mode: Only allow the Android kiosk device to run particular programs that have been approved by the IT administrator.

- Lock Tablet to One App Mode: Configure Android kiosks to run a single application that is used for multiple purposes.

- Lockdown Browser: Configure the Android kiosk's browser settings to only allow access to websites that have been whitelisted.

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Lockdown Any Android Powered Device

Mobionizer Android Kiosk Lockdown Software allows you to manage
numerous sorts of Android OS 8 and above.


Managing, Securing, and Deploying Multiple Android Devices

Give your staff and field force access to work apps and content on their own devices. Utilize Android Tablet Kiosk mode to quickly enroll devices in single-or multi-app mode. Cut distractions and boost output.

Manage Android
Manage Android

Kindle Fire

The Kindle Fire makes learning simple

Assist students to learn in a new way. Mobionizer Kiosk Apps let you control Kindle Fire devices. Restrict the devices to educational apps to encourage students’ creativity!

Android TV & Digital Signage

Your Android TV box can serve as digital signage.

Run entertaining content and interactive advertisements on your Android TV with the Mobionizer Kiosk App. Watch presentations and videos on Android-powered TV boxes and TV sticks.

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Manage Android


Simple mPOS Management

Secure and control Android-based POS from a cloud-based dashboard with the Mobionizer Kiosk App. Using contemporary POS systems locked into single-app mode, you can expand your business and speed up payments.

Rugged Device

Enhance Device Performance in Difficult Conditions

Set up robust devices that are made to function in inclement weather and harsh environments. Using Mobionizer Kiosk mode, provision business apps and content and define use and security settings to enhance the functionality and performance of Android rugged devices.

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Seamless App Management & Distribution

Remote Application Management

Give your employee more options for using Android devices. Powerful Android devices with the latest software are utilized for business. To reduce distractions and security risks, limit user ended app downloads.

Manage AndroidManaged Play Store: Distribute PWAs and business apps through the Google Play Store.

Manage AndroidEnterprise Store: Add Android APK files to the Mobionizer control panel to publish custom software on devices.

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Remote installation of an app in
silence. Schedule app publishing.

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Update the latest version of an app

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App Configuration

Configure the app settings to meet
the needs of your organization.

Device Troubleshooting Made Simple

Ensure corporate productivity by reducing device faults. Reduce device downtime for virtual frontline workers by remotely troubleshooting device issues. Screens from some devices can be controlled by mirroring them on the dashboard.

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Key Benefits and Advantages
of Mobionizer's Kiosk Lockdown Solution

Leverage the comfort that comes with using familiar devices on your staff! With Mobionizer, you can increase employee productivity by giving them easy access to confidential information and business apps.

- Restrict apps and websites that can be accessed on devices used for work.
- Reduce data expenses by blocking access to websites not related to businesses
- Reduce data expenses by blocking access to websites not related to businesses
- Monitor data usage, battery life, and compliance issues for devices.
- Remotely casting device screens to fix issues on unattended kiosks

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The Perfect Kiosk Lockdown Software
for a Variety of Industry Verticals

Utilize your mobile devices and endpoints to their full potential across industries with the Kiosk Lockdown Solution. Use Mobionizer to transform business operations, increase productivity levels, and take control of remote operations.

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To make learning more interactive and interesting, restrict students from watching films or playing games on school-owned devices in the classroom.

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With Mobionizer, you can manage your tablets, smartphones, and point-of-sale (POS) devices by enabling admin access to remotely enable and disable the software on the device.

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Utilizing the Mobionizer Kiosk Lockdown App, you can restrict access to unwanted applications and streaming videos on company-owned devices and track the real-time device location.

There's more
productivity to
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Remote Access

Remotely control devices
without going onsite

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Device Management

Proactive monitoring &
easy deployment

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Monitor & Alerts

Identify and get notified
on critical incidents

Manage Android
Bulk Document Transfer

Transfer files & documents
to multiple devices

Manage Android
App Management

Automatic updates, staged
rollout & monitor progress

Manage Android

Secure corporate data
with MDM security policies

Manage Android

Track device location,
route & create geofences

More features are coming soon

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