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Why you must use Mobionizer - MDM as your Mobile Device Management solution?

The main and most basic concepts will provide you with numerous advantages. So, here are some of the most important advantages of MDM:

Reduce costs & increase savings in cloud consumption:

Providers of this type of service assist businesses in determining whether they are investing more resources in the cloud than necessary, using less so that they can be turned off automatically, and so on. They do it in the personnel as well, because you can rely on a one-of-a-kind template that is always updated with new changes and improvements from the suppliers.

Increase business efficiency: It's often difficult for IT staff in companies to take on all of the responsibilities and respond quickly to new developments. In this way, managed service providers can solve day-to-day issues and learn about new developments in the industry. As a result, they expand your market and keep you up to date on the latest trends, allowing you to streamline tasks and improve your company's image.

Increase specific knowledge in each phase of product delivery: As well as key technical knowledge to propel the company forward. Consulting, infrastructure support, managed services, and much more are all available to businesses. Furthermore, each of these services is perfectly adapted to the legal and social context.

Greater proactivity and quality: Account management, contractual flexibility and appropriate pricing, information quality, scaling efficiency, customer innovation, and digital transformation capacity are all areas where you can support.

Greater nonchalance: It will enable business owners and IT managers to focus on the most important aspects of their businesses and identify opportunities for improvement, all while staying on top of the latest technological trends, systems management, infrastructures, and other IT services.

6 Key Features of Mobionizer – Mobile Device Management MDM

MDM features may vary, some core principles remain the same. These advantages show businesses what a successful business can achieve. These key features provide efficiency across all boards while keeping things simple. Here are six key characteristics to keep in mind:

1. Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring enables a company to keep track of and manage all of its devices from a single location. It keeps track of trends and compliance to ensure that everything is always safe and secure. When a worker is not in the office, seamless onboarding and integration are also possible. Software is updated automatically, and remote monitoring is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. MDM allows you to monitor your progress while on the go, ensuring that you are on track to meet your objectives.

2. Remote access and control for maintenance

When a remote device fails or the system is under threat, it's critical to have a feature that allows for remote maintenance or troubleshooting. It is essentially the enterprise's cornerstone because it allows for flexibility, easy remote issue resolution, and enhanced security to ensure that all issues can be resolved in real time without the need for someone to be physically present to address the issue. This will ensure that your company's IT assets are as productive as possible.

3. Password and data encryption

If you're concerned about cybersecurity threats, which almost every company is, you should take a look at this basic feature. Passwords are a safe way to keep all of your data secure. This includes cloud-based data. Strong passwords and checks are necessary to ensure that the person who has access to the device is the person who has access, reducing the risk of cyber theft and disruption. Data encryption is a method of making any file or message unreadable, which means that if your privacy is compromised and that file is stolen, those who do not know the encryption method will be unable to read it. Only a password that you choose can be used to decrypt the content. In order for someone who got their hands on that file to figure it out, they'd need to know the password you used.

4. Lock features

This feature is especially useful and important if the business device is stolen or goes missing for some reason. The business and your customers' data are both protected when you lock the device. Locking a device isn't just a smart option; it's also necessary.

5. Automated alerts feature

Your MDM can notify you of a variety of issues. It can send you notifications about battery life, geo fencing, storage capacity, and data usage, all of which can be monitored and fixed on the fly to reduce downtime. It also supports Bluetooth connections and notifies you when something changes.

6. Remote Wipe & Lock Device

Remote wiping allows you to erase data from a mobile device from afar. This is especially useful if the device has been stolen or mishandled. This can be triggered by any fraudulent or suspicious activity. This means you can wipe the device's information and data permanently. For example, you might have your data backed up in the cloud.

Finally, some thoughts

These are just a few of the features that can be added to your MDM solution and provide a wide range of benefits once implemented. Security and accessibility are the most important considerations, but other features that may be beneficial to your company's specific needs and help it run more accurately and efficiently in the long run should also be considered. Mobionizer is a full-featured mobile device management solution that includes inventory tracking, app distribution, data encryption, and device security, as well as remote device monitoring and privacy-sensitive remote control. Learn more about Mobionizer and sign up for a free trial today.